Female Fitness For Duty: Should We Train Differently? (Part2)

There are both obvious and discreet differences between men and women in many facets of the human body and mind, whether referring to everyday people, police officers, or hardened criminals. Not only do women in law enforcement have to work alongside and get along with their male colleagues, but also with respect to physiological differences female officers must pursue and fight with oftentimes faster and stronger male criminals.

Training Tips: 6 Push-Up Variations You've Never Tried - T Nation

6 Push-Up Variations You've Never Tried | T Nation.

Somehow an awful lot of people/writers/coaches/enthusiasts with a forum have a penchant for stating the obvious about things we've been doing for a long time.

This contribution by Joel Seedman however helps to break that mold a little. This is a follow up to an excellent article you can find here wherein he challenges our thinking on the correct push up technique.

Self Disclosure Warning: my shoulders will be lifting a forkful of birthday cake to my mouth for the 53rd time later this year, which I believe makes my shoulders 106 years old...One of them has been overhauled and the other has a torn rotator cuff muscle.

Seedman's rotational approach to push ups is making a lot of sense to my thinking and my shoulders.

Give this a shot and give us some feedback when you have a minute.