FitForce™ has been the national leader in Physical Readiness Solutions for the public safety community since 1993. Our pledge is to provide our clients with the very best scientific, legal and practical training and education, validation of selection and retention standards, policy and procedure analysis and development, as well as ongoing administration, arbitration and litigation support.


How FitForce's experience benefits our clients:

FitForce & Our Consultant Team

  • Has over 70 years experience in the field of public safety physical fitness and readiness training and consulting.
  • Thought leaders in the field with over 100 articles, columns, chapters, and books published to date.
  • Developed the two most prevalent law enforcement physical fitness instructor/coordinator training programs in the country – the Cooper Institute and FitForce programs – which together account for over 10,000 certified coordinators/instructors nationwide. 
  • Extensive experience developing and implementing legally defensible assessment solutions for selection and retention  physically demanding positions, with no substantiated challenge.
  • Conducted hundreds of job analyses for Federal, state, and local government and private sector clients.
  • Safely and effectively conducted physical testing of thousands of candidates for law enforcement positions nationwide in the last decade.


Client Benefits: 

  • Proven and field-tested legal, scientific, and practical solutions which predict, ensure, and defend physical readiness programming. 
  • Flexibility and experience with public safety agencies of every size and virtually every mandate, from very small agencies up to and including the United States Department of Defense. 
  • Decades-long experience providing expert- and material witness support for agencies and individuals in arbitration and litigation, to include filing an Amicus Curiae brief to the Supreme Court of the United States. 
  • Steady support and fluency developing tests and standards, curricula, as well as policies and procedures across a wide spectrum of agency size and mandate.
  • Safe, lawful, and practical options to outsource training and testing, particularly applicant testing. 


FitForce, Inc. is a DUNS registered, Small Business, Subchapter-S Corporation organized in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are also registered with the System for Award Management (SAM). In previous contract vehicles resulting from competitive and sole-sourced processes, FitForce has served as both Prime- and Sub-Contractor. Please contact us at (978) 745-3629 or by email to discuss potential projects and partnerships.