Physical Readiness Testing

The notion of outsourcing testing may be completely foreign to many agency decision-makers. After all, one might ask “Why did we bother to train these folks to be fitness coordinators if they’re not going to test our people?” And that rationale is entirely appropriate for some agencies. However, for other agencies, the decision to allow a third party to conduct testing makes perfectly good sense. If your agency has a history of challenge, is especially ‘politicized’, struggles with consistent application of policies, is geographically dispersed, or is limited in personnel or resources, an independent partner dedicated to testing may be the remedy.


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These are the benefits and services we provide to our clients. One of those clients is the Amtrak Police Department.

Amtrak Police Department
As one part of our ongoing relationship with the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, FitForce is providing testing services for the Amtrak Police Department. We validated physical readiness standards for the agency in 2008 and shortly thereafter began conducting applicant testing at several locations around the country. To date, we have tested almost 2500 applicants in 13 locations around the country.


If you would like to discuss strategies for testing applicants or incumbents in your agency, please give us a call at (978) 745-3629 or drop us a note at